creating a world that truly values children

From: john grigg (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 00:53:27 MST

Spike wrote:
Looks to me like we have now or will soonhave the technology to selectively
block the action of any hormone,and we should be able to figure out which of
these causes us to havesuch strong emotional response to abortion. Then
block it. Thenmake the decision for parenthood based only on intellectual
criteria, leaving emotion, religion, hormonal drives, etc. completely out
ofthe question. Then perhaps we would have a world in which *all* children
thatare born are children that are *wanted*.
(end of reproduction)

Spike my friend, what planet do you live on? :) You're talking about
emotional and irrational human beings who love and lust for each other based
on so many individual and cultural factors! Actually, religion, emotions
and hormones can be positive forces at in causing couples to want to bring
children into the world and nurture them.

But I'm sure that Vulcan parents would quite agree with you, at least before
pon farr kicked in! But that's why they arrange the marriages ahead of

To have a world where every child is loved, have everyone be genetically
engineered to be sterile until they consider themselves ready. Then the
procedure is reversed temporarily with medication. To be prescribed the
meds a person must take parenting classes and show they can provide for the
child. Of course alot of people would not like this endeavor in social and
genetic engineering.

live long and prosper,

John Grigg :)
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