Re: Cannot prove nor disprove a soul.

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> << My objection to your statement is that
> if the idea of "God" were really nonsense, no one would know
> what you were talking about.
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> Haha! How delightful. Butstill, it is only an idea... do ideas exist?

Is the statement "I am thinking of nothing" true or false. If it is
true, then "nothing" denotes what you are thinking about, and
exists as an idea. If it is false, then "something" denotes what
you are thinking about and also exists as an idea.

Or, if you prefer, if the statement "The word "idea" has no
referent" is true then it is meaningless and therefore neither
true nor false. Conversely, if it is false, there is at least one
x such that if x is an idea, then x exists.


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