Re: Cannot prove nor disprove a soul.

From: Robert Owen (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 14:56:37 MST wrote:

> It is indeed rare where I've met someone with such arrogance that, in one
> short sentence, dismisses the beliefs of over 2 billion people.

Happens all the time, Ed. There are values upon which we emotionally
depend, just as there are axioms upon which we rationally depend. We
all tend to become militant when either is attacked, because it is a
threat to who we think we are.

Perhaps you might want to consider simply passing over such defensive
assertions -- after all, the truth, falsity or fuzzy probability of your own
convictions is immune to such passionate, if unverifiable, declarations.

Mutual tolerance --a wonderful thing, in view of the fact that none of
us really KNOW what we are talking about.


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