Re: Essence Vital (was)Ahumans [was Re: Cryonics andabortion-nothappening!]

Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 09:36:09 MST

In a message dated 1/21/2000 2:44:02 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< You confuse me. Sometimes you imply you're an atheist, other
 times a theist, and then you refer to yourself as QueenMUSE
 and not "myself". Your comment here toward a comment I made
 about people accepting we're just molecules clearly shows
 you take a strong defensive position by insulting me.
 You wouldn't be so defensive if you weren't afraid of
 something. >>

I see . It is always wiser to ask.
let me clear things up:
I am not interested in labeling myself, but I do not believe in ghosts, holy
or otherwise. I do not believe in things I cannot see, or in special powers.
2) I did not know you were talking to me because I was confused. I did not
make ANY assertions about my own beleifs - but i said you were judging others.
3) I oftenn defend other people, it is my way. I am not afraid of you.

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