Lamest Definition of Nano - Ever!

From: Terry Donaghe (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 08:39:02 MST

Part of Bill Clinton's new technology "initiative:"

- $475 million for a nanotechnology initiative. This
could lead, the White House official said, ``to the
ability to store the contents of the Library of
Congress in a device the size of a sugar cube.''
(from a Yahoo! News story)

Is that not the lamest damned definition of nano
you've ever seen? More proof that government is

I wonder if they're going for the military apps first....

Terry Donaghe:

HUMANITY FIRST! We are capable of creating a technological/biological/neurological utopia in the next century. We already have the capability of destroying all life. What does it say of us as a species if we don't choose the former?
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