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> But, how we relate to others, family or
> friends, on an emotional level, is perhaps one of the most important
> behaviors we can have.
> Ed Reifman

I do not propose any solutions, or that God cares. I am stupid enough to hope
for a resolution to the tragedies and sufferings that have already occurred
in human history, and for that matter; perhaps a resolution to animal
sufferings. This is certainly a loony idea, but its something that has
resonance for me, if for nobody else.

Hence, I have spent a lot of time and money researching the sciences and
especially cosmology and physics for some answers. It has all resulted in
cold, comfort indeed. My first premise is the most obvious; that illness and
death promote despair and that health and life promote contentment.

My second premise is that there needs to be a solution for death-even for
deaths that have happened ages ago. Some possible means to do this involve
physics rather the biology.

1. Tipler's Omega Point
2. Tipler's Rotating Cylinders
3.J. Richard Gott's Cosmic Strings
4. The Neumann and Unti Universe
5. Kurt Godel's rotating universe
6. Hans Moravec's Neutron star re-simmulations
7. Max Tegmark and Julian Barbour's Ensemble of Universes
8. Saved Memory Hypothesis

There are probably more hypothetical examples of what might be, but who
knows? As I indicated, all this feels like cold comfort, indeed, and I could
see these essays in science to be emotionally meaningless to the bereaved.
However, I do persist in wondering how things might be made 'whole' again,
and am pragmatic enough to be ok if God fixes it, or ok if our remote
descendants fix things. If religion is the opiate of a suffering people,
then by all means; lets us permit pain-relief. If religion gets in your
way-cut it down, same with atheism.

Best to all, Mitch

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