Sympathy for the Devil

Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 23:18:17 MST

I adore my own skeptical beliefs and feel no need to create more atheists.
Most religious people are not inferior to me. They can be warm loving peolpe,
full of lovely information and help. This love of putting people down smacks
of uncertainty, or a need to be "right".
Most of all: Many religious deserve as much respect as those who are athiest,
and unless their behavior in some way is inconsiderate of me, I leave them to
their way...

That doesn't mean I have to lie or go along with it, I merely say I don't
Perhpas if i present my case without disdain, they may listen.
Love always is better than disdain.

I so sick of this self masterbatory put down of others.
When is it OK to put down other people, call them inferior and so forth.
Exactly what I loathe about Christians. It's an attitude. "I'll pray for you,
my son".
I can see it right here, and I an se the same, silly emotional response to

There will never be a dialogue if this continues.

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