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> At least Al didn't leave Tipper for a younger woman while she was
> in the hospital with breast cancer, or abuse an academic program
> for partisan purposes.>
> and this has what to do with his writing?
Nothing; it just means that, on the basis of personal integrity, if I
had to choose between the Salamander and the Wooden One in an
election, Slimy-Boy would not get my vote.
> I understand that other artistic types did socially unacceptable stuff. Van
> Gogh and them boys? Amadeus Bach?
> People still appreciate (if you like that kinda thing) their art regardless
> of their personal failings..
> Actually Newt's SF book was called "1945" I was written in
> collaboration with someother guy whose name I can't pronounce too well...(he
> writes the "lost battalion" series)
> 1945 is an alternate universe type of book. I don't like Alternate Universe
> SF nor Time Travel SF....(tastes differ) so I haven't read it...
> EvMick
> Austin Texas

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