Re: Gingrich Sounds Like One of Us?????

Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 19:43:17 MST

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 At least Al didn't leave Tipper for a younger woman while she was
 in the hospital with breast cancer, or abuse an academic program
 for partisan purposes.
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and this has what to do with his writing?

I understand that other artistic types did socially unacceptable stuff. Van
Gogh and them boys? Amadeus Bach?

People still appreciate (if you like that kinda thing) their art regardless
of their personal failings..

Actually Newt's SF book was called "1945" I was written in
collaboration with someother guy whose name I can't pronounce too well...(he
writes the "lost battalion" series)

1945 is an alternate universe type of book. I don't like Alternate Universe
SF nor Time Travel SF....(tastes differ) so I haven't read it...

Austin Texas

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