re: Rational nursery tales

From: William Kitchen (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 11:18:11 MST

> I believe in the original story the first two little piggies were eaten.

Seems that way to me too. But even in the version where the first
two piggies escape to the third piggie's house, the first two
piggies still suffer the loss of their homes and the associated
emotional trauma. It also illustrates how poor choices can have
consequences that affect more than just the chooser. The third
piggie has to endure the intrusion of the other two until they
can rebuild or otherwise find suitable lodging. Sparing their
lives in the story therefore doesn't eliminate any hard learned
lessons, but simply adds an additional lesson about the pro's and
con's of helping your fellow man (or fellow pig, in this case). I
don't see why this should be objectionable even to even the most
extreme libertarians because it involves individual choice with
no coercion at all. Rational <> inhumane.

Adding the paranoid and big-spending fourth little piggie seems
like a good idea though.

                                        William Kitchen

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