Re: Ahumans [was Re: Cryonics and abortion- not happening!]

Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 10:54:30 MST

>Now, it seems likely within the next 10-20 years, that we will have
>artificial wombs. So the whole "growing babies"/motherhood concept
>gets separated from the putting sperm and eggs together to make
>a potential human being. When will we get to the point where
>people view this like manufacturing a car?

<< Women's bodies are changed
 drastically by that clump of cells, and their minds, and their emotions,
 especially given 15 or 20 or 50 years of profound personal immersion in a
 (largely women's) culture of nurturance. Even women who go through the pain
 and anxiety of in vitro conception (and I've known one at least and seen
 others interviewed) don't and perhaps can't regard the process as if it
 were building a car. Ach!
Why the sacred cow?
I think artificial wombs *might* make having babies much less of an ordeal,
and a large percentage of women would opt for it, if only avoid pain, and to
preserve their bodys elastins... er um... vanity...

plus making it possible for people to have babies that previously could not!

Almost every sci-fi novel I've read about bio-tech has an artificial womb
Apart from allowing women to relax a little, it also changes the nature of
breeding and sex.

Sex itself not being the act of conception, it loses or gains momentum?

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