Transhuman Philadelphia online chat Monday 1/24 @ 9pm EST

Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 02:34:38 MST

There will be another Meet and Greet session at the Chat section of the
Transhuman Philadelphia website on Monday, 1/24/00 starting at 9pm. To get
to the Transhuman Philadelphia site, type You will have to
go through a free registration process to get into the Chat site, otherwise
it is pretty simple. Just make sure that you have gone into the Scheduled
Chat site, and not the General Chat site (the link for the Scheduled Chat
site is the blue text description of the Scheduled event at the bottom of the
Chat Homepage.

BTW, you should all feel free to use the General Chat area to have realtime
discussions on transhumanism. Transhuman Philadelphia opens its doors to
Transhumanists worldwide.

Glen Finney
Transhuman Philadelphia

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