Deepness in the Sky spoilers- read at own risk

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 21:53:39 MST

Doug Jones writes:
> Given that the core is in the unthinking depths, and the elliptical orbit
> of the On/Off star would have it out in the halo most of the time, it's
> probably from the Beyond. Perhaps if the time of the collapse of the ultra
> tech on the Spider world could be accurately dated, Pham would have a clue
> that it was the *core* where things failed- and thus the wrong place to
> look.

But TransPowers' gadgets work everywhere, even/especially in the
core. (Interesting question, is the Countermeasure a thing made by
Powers, or the TransPowers? The latter, apparently).

We don't know where OnOff is travelling, inward, or outward. If it's
outwards, then rather the TransPowers' gadgets never ceased operating,
or the Powers' gadgets have just started operating again, still
erratically. (Which means the passage through the core didn't destroy

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