Re: will the government allow the public direct access to nanotech??

Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 19:49:11 MST

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<< seems obvious to me that, in a vain attempt to preserve its own
 existence, the government will make every attempt to limit such a
 powerful technology.

First of all, you are assuming a government that is unchanged from the one we
have today, which is highly unlikely. Nanotech will drastically change the
values we have now, themoney systems, and ultimately the American Government.
What we have today is so very much based on symbols: property, money and

Secondly, how can you be sure that we will not *want* - nay *demand* tight
securities placed on such a potentially "grey-goo" prone technology?

<<Once a critical mass of people realize the true
 power of nanotech, one can't help but predict and end-all revolution
 to take back what was denied from the public>>

Again, not to nit-pick, but you are assuming that the "public" will want
nanotechnology. I mean the technology, not the products...
It may be that like medicines, where not everyone wants the ability to
self-prescibe potentially dangerous and addictive substances( some
libertarians and junkies aside), or how not everyone wants to make an atomic
power station in their backyard.... the average american family may wisely
abstain from doing their own nano-homekits. Risky at best.

. <<< Will nanotech weapons
 be used? Highly likely? Will humanity survive? . . >>

Of course, nanotech weapons will be used, or at least developed. Doh!
    Hm... Humanity surviving depends on sooooo many things... personally I
am surprised we haven't already gone extinct, based on the way our lizard
brain clashes with the wrap around...

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