Re: will the government allow the public direct access to nanotech??

From: Roy Longton (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 19:35:06 MST

--- john grigg <> wrote:
> To have a world of mature nanotech with nanoassemblers in every
> home is a
> dream of mine. But I wonder if the government would allow the
> public direct
> access to nano assemblers? In the cause of preventing terrorism as
> well as
> accidents I could see the governments of the world only allowing
> direct
> access to nano to government and corporate entities. The ulterior
> motive
> would be to maintain their strong control over society.
> Or would capitalism and corporate greed be the reason for a
> nanoassembler in
> every home? And even if so, would these be close to the "anything
> boxes"
> we hope for? I would like to think that in the world we are
> brought back
> into (cryonic reanimation) there will be home models that can build
> houses
> and vehicles.
> Any thoughts?
> sincerely,
> John Grigg

I seems obvious to me that, in a vain attempt to preserve its own
existence, the government will make every attempt to limit such a
powerful technology. Once a critical mass of people realize the true
power of nanotech, one can't help but predict and end-all revolution
to take back what was denied from the public. Will nanotech weapons
be used? Highly likely? Will humanity survive? . . .

Maybe Eliezer was right . . .



Knowledge breeds order. Order breeds Knowledge. Chaos breeds ignorance. Ignorance breeds chaos.

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