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Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 18:01:14 MST

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Subject: cryonics and abortion

>>Daniel Ust wrote:
>>Perhaps we could analyze this problem from two angles. One would be
>>technical feasability. The other is whether Right to Life groups >would
>>willing to support -- financially, politically, or morally >-- this
>> What do you think?
john grigg wrote:
>Paul Wakfer tried to promote this idea when he created the Prometheus
>Project whose goal was to develop and implement fully reversible
> Of course present suspension methods are NOT reversible and this will
>really limit the ability to drum up public support.

>I agree that many women who go in for abortions would not want the baby to
>be cryosuspended. They want the potential human being (child) killed as a
>matter of convenience. Of course where is the father in situations like

>And to suspend the child would definitely raise expenses for the abortion
>clinics. I don't think they would want their high profit margins to be
>interfered with.

I could post the question hypothetically on a Religion Message Board,
contributed to primarily by Medical Transcriptionists. The responses would
probably span the spectrum, from the ultra-fundamentalists, who would see it
as the compromise that it is. More Liberal Christians might find a Saint
who brings dignity to the suspended unborn.

I'm exchristian, but I find no pleasure in tormenting Believers, by throwing
new challenges at their faith. On the other hand, rarely, but occasionally
a mind will open. It happened to me.

It could become a very divisive issue in a sadly fractured Religion.


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