regarding cryonics and abortion

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Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 15:58:25 MST

Spike Jones wrote:
>The bumper sticker will read: "Please
>give to help cryopreservation of the innocent unborn." etc.

This is a brilliant idea actually. With a good campaign some serious money
could be raised. I think the reaction from fundamentalists would range from
one extreme to another though. "Huh?" might be the most common one.

Daniel Ust wrote about high-end abortion clinics where cryonics is an option
open for the women. Perhaps the idea that cryonics is not reversible and so
the child would be frozen for decades just might be an attractive selling
point so that a woman with serious reservations against abortion could take
the cryonics route to take a chance at preserving the life of the fetus.
Cryonics could be a means of assuaging painful emotions but would greatly
add to the costs. Many people have a hard time affording regular abortion
as it is. How about Christian run cryonics clinics for unwanted
pregnancies? Oh boy!

Gina did bring up the matter of legalities. It would seem to be a bumpy
road in that area which might be hard to level out. I do not understand
fully the legal questions Gina brought up. Could someone explain? What
steps could be taken to alter things so cryonics could be an option legally?

I realize abortion is a very difficult matter for people on both sides of
the fence. Many women who have done it did so with heavy hearts feeling
trapped and lacking support from friends, lovers family and society.

Charlie Stross wrote:
>If we pursue this line of reasoning to a logical conclusion, it >implies
>that no human beings are unimportant: therefore destroying >human beings is



John Grigg
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