Re: PHIL: Justificationalism

Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 09:11:40 MST

On 18 Jan 00, at 13:46, Menno Rubingh wrote:

> I think that here, at the same time as the Ptolomy/Aristotle theory is
> falsified, another, new, theory is being justified. If the new
> observation didn't support the new theory, then we would NOT have had
> growth of knowledge here, only a decrease of knowledge.

You still know the old theory, and now you also know that it is false. I'd
call that an increase in knowlege. Lamarkian evolution is a good
example. You don't necessarily just forget the incorrect theory. Knowing
that a seemingly reasonable idea is wrong, is very useful, and IMHO, is
knowlege gained.

                                        William Kitchen
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