Re: will the government allow the public direct access to nanotech??

From: Terry Donaghe (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 08:37:37 MST


I like your idea about "untamperable" assembler boxes,
but it raises a question for me. What's to stop a
group of people from cranking out almost free
unlicensed potentially dangerous assembler boxes? The
appeal of having something not controlled by "the man"
will be too strong to resist for many. And why choose
Box A which will only creates from approved templates
when you can choose Box B which will create (just
about) ANYTHING? It will only take 1 single
unlicensed box to ruin your whole scheme. The entire
create a design, submit it, get it approved and
transmit it will add a lot of cost which will be
nonexistant with the unlicensed boxes.

Once someone has their unlicensed box build them a
dangerous nano-swarm to protect them, how are you
going to get it away from them?

Terry Donaghe:

HUMANITY FIRST! We are capable of creating a technological/biological/neurological utopia in the next century. We already have the capability of destroying all life. What does it say of us as a species if we don't choose the former?
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