Re: extropians-digest V5 #18

Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 07:44:53 MST

Just to answer this, I've been both an atheist and anti-abortionist for a
long time (longer atheist than anti-abortionist) on the simple idea that
without God, I hold human life as the standard of value. Given this, and
the fact that I see no convincing argument about a single point at which a
fetus/unborn child "becomes" human, I simply think it is from conception,
making abortion murder. Do I admit I could be wrong? Of course, but really,
with this it is a matter of personal ideas, meaning if we don't agree that
it's a human, we're not going to agree on abortion.
     Given the ease of access to birth control, I don't think the 'woman's
body' argument holds, since conception can be prevented why should a child
suffer? Hope that answers the question.

Subject: off topic (Re: Cryopreserving the unborn)
Out of curiosity, what does an atheist anti-abortionist base their argument

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