Re: ASTRO: Evidence of Nearby Black Hole

From: Danny Yavuzkurt (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 02:34:08 MST

>"The brief bursts from the V4641 Sgr black hole suggests it is not being
>constantly by a reservoir of matter from an accretion disk. This puzzles
>astronomers. "

Is it, however, possible that the black hole is *moving*, perhaps gobbling
up food items in its path? It's not too unlikely that some gravitational
anomaly, perhaps the nearby passage of a star cluster, could have set it in
motion, and, once in motion (I speak in terms of motion *relative to that of
most stars in the galactic plane*, of course), it would be unlikely to
stop.. perhaps black holes which are relatively 'stationary' have more
chances of accreting a stable disk.

Another possibility is that the black hole is a relatively new one, and is
just beginning to attract and gobble nearby food.

Then again, these are just my uninformed hypotheses, and should be taken
with a grain of salt.

-Danny Yavuzkurt

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