cryonics and abortion

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 22:33:34 MST

Daniel Ust wrote:
>Perhaps we could analyze this problem from two angles. One would be
>technical feasability. The other is whether Right to Life groups >would be
>willing to support -- financially, politically, or morally >-- this option.
> What do you think?

Paul Wakfer tried to promote this idea when he created the Prometheus
Project whose goal was to develop and implement fully reversible suspension.
  Of course present suspension methods are NOT reversible and this will
really limit the ability to drum up public support.

I agree that many women who go in for abortions would not want the baby to
be cryosuspended. They want the potential human being (child) killed as a
matter of convenience. Of course where is the father in situations like

And to suspend the child would definitely raise expenses for the abortion
clinics. I don't think they would want their high profit margins to be
interfered with.


John Grigg
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