Re: extropians-digest V5 #17

From: Tim Ventura (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 22:57:43 MST

Hi everybody;

I was just wondering if research has made much progress in the area of "anti-freeze" to preserve cells during the cryofreezing process. If they could perfect this area of the cryofreezing process, then there wouldn't be much risk at all with the process--
--As for the freezing aborted babies thing, I'm not going to give ethical consideration to whether it's right or wrong, however, it would seem to dramatically lower the cost of access to cryogenic suspension. Think about it--one of the major price barriers right now to cryogenic suspension is simply that it doesn't have an economy of scale going for it. If they could do it in bulk, by finding large numbers of patients to freeze, then the price would be significantly reduced per person. Also, it would provide a definite impetus for the further development of the technology to reanimate the frozen patients.

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