Re: Creating new states

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Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 11:53:56 MST wrote:

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> > The Gulf is a nice place to put
> > an island.)
> Unfortunately, other than the weather, it actually isn't All but one tiny
> little triangular slice of the Gulf of Mexico is within 200 miles of some
> country's coastline, and therefore within its "Exclusive Ecocnomic Zone"
> ("EEZ") under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. I believe that slice
> is in pretty deep water (my chart of the Gulf is at the office and I'm
> comfortably at home this morning). If you created an artificial island
> within an existing country's EEZ, you'd just be adding to that country's
> territory under current legal regimes. Gotta build your island more than 200
> miles out . . .

Yes, it is better if you are outside of any EEZ, but there may also be advantages
to negotiating a long term relationship with an existing nation. You would be in
a much better position than trying to lease some existing territory, and you
could expect to get some level of protection out of the deal. If I can get a
deal to build an island and use it for 99 years, I would expect to have a series
of them going for as long as I want.


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