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Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 18:24:16 MST

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> Ah Popper, an amusing fellow but not to be taken seriously.
> Philosophers of science are not shy in telling others exactly how to find
> knowledge about nature but have never demonstrated any ability to actually
> do so themselves.

Now, I know you're playing with me John. ;-) So I will play with you (at
least a little bit) . . .

What about Stephen Hawking (same guy as in your post?? :-) who said (In
Penrose's _The Large the Small and the Human Brain_ 1997,169) he is a
philosophically a positivist (as in logical positivist, Vienna Circle?) . . .
 "I, on the other hand, am a positivist who believes that physical theories
are just mathematical models we construct, and that it is meaningless to ask
it they correspond to reality, just whether they predict observations."

So anything goes? Fighting irrational dogma with irrational dogma OK with
you? Who cares about any intellectual inductive or deductive reasoning?
Sounds good to me. In fact, you are right. I'm easy. Anything goes.
"What? Me Worry?"

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