cryonics in God's cosmic plan...

From: john grigg (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 16:33:33 MST

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
>If cryonics were against God's will, He simply would not send the >soul
>back to reanimate the body in the future.

I am both a believer in God and a cryonicist. I would say many things
happen that are against God's will but God gives humanity free will. I
realize you are talking about scientist's getting on "God's turf." I am a
believer in the near-death experience phenomena but do not know how that
fits in with cryonics. I would think the spirit would "sleep" along with
the body while it is frozen.

It would be quite something if a suspendee's spirit left him or her to go to
the spirit world only to be recalled at reanimation! This would make for
the ultimate NDE story. But based on what I have read often NDE's are
forgotten quickly by the person who experiences them after regaining

Ultimately, I think we must use our free will to safeguard our own lives.
If we want to live a long life it is up to us to eat right, exercise, have
medical exams regularly, buckle up and do the other things that are key to
prolonging life.

The way I believe, God knows exactly how our lives will turn out but we do
not and still really do have free will. So he doesn't control the time of
our death in most cases but knows it. I have read accounts of people who
were "called home" to the other side because they were needed for some task
in the spirit world.

>So I'm not worried that my feeble attempts will somehow
>thwart God's cosmic plan.

Again, I think God gives you free will when it comes to what you do with
your life. It may or may not be against God's will to be cryonically
suspended but I do not think he is going to stop you regardless.

A concern I have had in terms of God's cosmic plans for this world in
general (not just me) is that if the fundamentalist interpretations of
Revelation are correct then my suspended body may be destroyed in what is
known as the tribulation period which will involve many different forms of
catastrophe which will include earthquake and plague.

Another possibility is that we could be reanimated into a world that is
experiencing the temporary peace and prosperity the Bible predicts before
the tribulation begins. We would think we were in a utopia only to see the
world go crazy. Actually, I find this scenario rather exciting compared to
the former! I have thought at times that the strange weapons and creatures
described by some Bible interpretations could only be products of mature
A.I. and nanotech.

I have enjoyed thinking about the matters you brought up. I must confess I
should have been in church while I was writing this! I will definitely have
to attend next week.


John Grigg

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