Re: *Bzzzt* Fermi Paradox

From: gary tripp (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 16:11:56 MST

Eugene Leitl writes:

>gary tripp writes:
>>If all advanced space faring races have avoided interfering with
>>the natural evolution of life on planets, such as ours, because
>>they wish to see that

>If space faring civilisations exist, they must tread terribly
>lightly/be nonexpansive.

>This makes no sense at all.

>Due to (postbiological) evolutionary species radiation you must have
>heterogeneity, even if you have to pass through a diversity bottleneck
>(e.g. step into space), and hence there is evolutionary pressure to
>fill new niches, whether ultracold (inter) stellar periphery or inner
>solar systems.

Is it possible that technologically advanced civilizations quickly develop
the capability to work technology many orders of magnitude smaller & faster
than nanotech and direct their attention inwardly?
With such extraordinary technology they could convert their own planet
into one immensely powerful computer and take up residence within it.
They could bide their time playing with simulations of evolution that make
the study of extra-terrestrial biological evolution seem painfully slow,
stupid, inconsequential and ultimately superfluous.
Notwithstanding the fact that WE have a burning desire to explore the
universe, why would such a civilization venture outward?


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