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From: Rick Strongitharm (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 14:52:54 MST

>they certainly did not intervene during near fatal earth-asteriod
>collisions of the past.

I apologize for going off topic, but Iíve been chewing on this comment since
I read it yesterday. I have always believed (at least on a balance of
probabilities, and acknowledging the limits of my personal scope of
reference) in the existence of an entity, or entities, force or intelligence
that was responsible for design, and occasional personal intervention in
individual lives, mine included.

Lurking around Extropians is proving challenging to my way of thinking, and
irresistibly fun. I was already in trouble with the ďDesignerĒ model.
There seems to be too much chaos to conclude that everything is being run
smoothly by some benevolent Designer. At the same time, there is, IMHO, too
much that works, in spite of the chaos, to completely exclude intelligent
design. Besides, given the vastness of the universe, and potential
multi-verses, and hyperspace (M. Kaku, et al), it seems likely that
somewhere there exists intelligence greater than that of Marylyn Von Savant,
or whatever her name is.

The Christian explanation for such disasters as earth-asteroid collisions,
if they would acknowledge such events, would be to explain that when Adam
sinned (Eveís didnít count, I guess) the World became Satanís domain.
Everything wrong, from disease to disaster, was the direct consequence of
Adamís sin. Of course, the disaster that appears to have wiped out the
dinosaurs, some 65 million years ago, could hardly have been Adamís fault.
He wasnít around yet.

I wonder if maybe we are experiencing, and contributing to a work in
progress. That would be cool.

Rick Strongitharm
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If all advanced space faring races have avoided interfering with the natural
evolution of life on planets, such as ours, because they wish to see that
latent potential realized then would they act to prevent natural disasters,
such as earth-asteriod collisions, in order to preserve that potential?
Evidently, if such advanced races exist, they don't care much about life as
they certainly did not intervene during near fatal earth-asteriod collisions
of the past.


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