Re: PHIL: Justificationalism

From: Menno Rubingh (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 14:15:14 MST

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> > But you did *not* explain here *why* justificationalism is unnecessary,
> > you only quoted authorities who say so.
> That is how Popper solved Hume's "problem of induction." The main reason
> (non-authoritrarian reason) is that _Deduction_ is used in place of
> _Induction_. That is "Why."

Ouch, have mercy with me !!

I rephrase: can you give me *ONE* single example of a case where, using
criticism as your only tool, you succeed in ADDING TO the body of knowledge
stored in your mind ? One single counter-example like that will kill my claim
that it is *never* possible to add to the knowledge in one's head with only
criticsm as one's tool and *without* using any justificationalist-like
thing such as supportive proof/experience.

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