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Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 07:14:05 MST

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>I don't know if anyone has thought of this before, but how about getting
>Right to Life individuals to support abortion by cryopreserving aborted
>fetuses? Surely, cryopreserving them would be cheaper. If we can get them
>to fund this sort of thing, it would be a way to both spread cryonics and
>defuse a very deep conflict in Western societies.

        Interesting idea, but it would cost an extremely high amount of money per
fetus (especially considering that most aborted fetuses are unwanted in the
first place), and would still leave the problem of who would eventually
reanimate and raise the child. Chances are, when the technology to revive
suspended clients arrives, we will already have the ability to overcome
many of the genetic defects that prevent would-be parents from having a
'natural' birth (i.e.: progeny with their own gene selection), and adoption
of such aborted fetuses would be unnecessary. Still, your idea has some
seeds of possibility in other areas. Eventually the price of cryonics will
be driven down once more people begin to sign up; I foresee that cryonics
may be an option for wealthier parents of babies born (or fetuses
developing) with severe birth defects. It would at least give the parents
the peace of mind that a cure could arrive at any moment. I suppose we'll
find out soon enough.

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