From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 20:55:35 MST

The cure for the common cold! Here at last!

> Pleconaril is the latest, and one of the most impressive, examples
> of this new way of creating medicines. It is an exquisitely precise
> sort of monkey wrench. The drug fits neatly into a groove on the
> surface of the virus, gumming up the machinery it needs to infect the
> body's cells.
> The company wants to get the drug approved
> first for viral meningitis, but it is the
> common cold -- the most prosaic of
> infections -- that is likely to be the
> medicine's biggest market.
> Some might quibble over that word. "Cure," after all, implies that
> pleconaril will make the sniffles evaporate instantly, which it won't.
> Still, the medicine can shorten a bad cold by three or four days and help
> people feel considerably less miserable along the way.

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