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Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 18:48:41 MST


This thread, recently initiated by John Clark, and then splendidly
elaborated by
Anders, Robert B, and Gene Leitl, proposed using genetically engineered
bacteria in a cryonic suspension protocol to effect the intra-cellular
production of cryoprotectant.

Re that discussion, I recently found the following at Eurekalert, under the
title: AstraZeneca executes option agreement for Vion-Epttco cancer
therapy technology.

>TAPETŪ (Tumor Amplified Protein Expression Therapy), Vion's core platform
> technology, are highly attenuated bacteria that, in preclinical
studies, have
> demonstrated preferential replication in tumors compared to normal
tissues. The
> bioengineered bacteria have demonstrated an excellent safety profile
in preclinical
> toxicology studies. Preferential replication allows the bacteria to
produce and deliver
> a variety of anti-cancer therapeutic products at high concentrations
to tumors while
> minimizing toxicity to normal tissues. By bringing the "drug factory"
preferentially to
> the tumor, Vion believes that TAPET may result in a cancer therapy
that is more
> concentrated, more effective and less toxic to normal tissue.

Find more details at:


A related little note:

I don't own any stock, being--as I call it --"independently austere". But
back in December, while looking over a friend's shoulder--he was checking
on his stocks--I suggested he look up Alexion Pharmaceuticals. They'd been
doing stem cell research as well as spinal cord injury repair work.
Alexion (ALXN) was at 18. Yesterday, with another friend all agog over the
bull market, I checked Alexion again. It was at 34. Hmmmm.

I think I'll keep an eye on Vion Parmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ NM: VION).
As of today it is at $ 8.5625

Anyone care to track a portfolio based on Eurekalert announcements?

                        Best, Jeff Davis

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