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>Antithesis of a pyramid scheme?
>Internet Marketing Expert
>Can't Give Away $100 Bills!

This site contains some pretty powerful marketing
info. From it I can see that I should be able to improve
my already good marketing results by doing more to
establish credibility. I highly recommend the above
site to everyone involved in marketing, including the
marketing of Extropianism.

Here's a draft of an article to be added to


The programs we promote are evaluated and approved by Mr.
Frederick Mann. Mr. Mann has over 20 years' experience as
a computer programmer, systems analyst, and independent
computer consultant. He has worked and practiced in Belgium,
England, South Africa, and USA on a wide range of computers
ranging from PCs to large mainframes. He has designed and
programmed mostly commercial and financial systems, including
systems dealing with risk/reward assessment in areas such
as commodity and options trading and reinsurance. One of his
specialties was making computer systems more efficient.

Since 1993, Mr. Mann has gained a great deal of experience
with "money-making programs" of all sorts. He has constantly
looked for programs that provide the best reward/risk ratios. He
has lost money with some programs and made considerable
money with others. Over the years he has refined the criteria
for selecting the best programs and rejecting those less likely
to produce hefty profits.


1. Can you make money with the program without having to
recruit others or selling anything? About 90% of people in
networking (or multilevel-marketing) fail because of difficulties
with recruiting and selling. If you can make a high return of
10% or more per month on the money you put into a program,
it's worthy of consideration.

2. Can you minimize your risk? Suppose you put $1,000 into
a program, and after three months you can take out $1,200
from the program. Your "risk window" would be three months.
After you've "closed the risk window" by recovering your initial
capital plus a modest profit, you're in a "can't-lose" situation.
Thereafter you "play the game with the bank's money." Can
you "close the risk window" fairly quickly and have enough
left in the program to continue making good money?

With some programs you can reduce your financial risk to
zero. You don't have to put any of your own money into the
program. You recruit others and earn bonuses and commissions
based on their "action."

3. Can you make more money by recruiting others? In our
experience, the best programs are those where you can
make without recruiting others, but make a great deal more
money if you do recruit others. The easiest worthwhile programs
for which to recruit others are those where your recruits don't
have to themselves recruit or sell in order to make money.

(There are many what we call "nickle-and-dime" programs
where you pay around $20-$100 one-time, or around $10-$100
monthly, but you require a huge downline to make significant
money. Our experience indicates that these programs tend to
be a waste of time and money. Free downline programs also
belong to this category.)

4. How quickly can you make money? If you are in a position
to recruit others, can you make several thousand dollars during
the first month, so that you can quickly "close the risk window?"

5. Is the program credible and viable? How are the funds generated
to pay the returns? If it's purely a pyramid scheme with all payments
coming from new entrants, the program may not last very long.

6. What's the risk from government interference? Many otherwise
viable programs are shut down by government agencies. This risk
can be particularly high in countries like USA, Canada, and UK.

7. Does the program operate out of a jurisdiction where legally
no government taxes or reporting are involved? The ideal programs
operate such that participants can gain their earnings unreported
and without being taxed.

8. Is it a one-person operation? Our experience indicates that
programs owned and operated by a single person are particularly
risky. They're often fly-by-night scams.

9. Does the program have a successful track record, particularly
regarding making payments on time? For many programs there
are public forums on the web. From these forums you can get
a pretty good idea of the track record of a program. We also
use Internet search engines to look for "dirt" on programs.
Brand new programs are particularly risky.

10. Do the principals have credibility? We use Internet search
engines to check on the principals where possible. (Network
Solutions <> has a "WHOIS
Lookup" that includes many individuals involved with network
marketing and money-making programs.) We generally attempt
to establish personal contact with the principals or people who
have personal relationships with the principals.

11. What is the quality of the program's website and automated
services? Do they provide self-replicating web pages to make
the program easier to promote? Do they provide online access
to accounts and genealogies?

12. What is the quality of customer service? Some programs
grow quickly and soon cannot provide much customer service.
A really good program grows so quickly that quality of customer
service quickly deteriorates. The company may adopt a policy
of ignoring practically all emails and making it very difficult to
contact them by phone. Atrocious customer service is not
necessarily an indication that a program should be avoided!
(Generally, you can learn enough about how the company
operates to play their game appropriately and win big, despite
poor customer service!)

Feedback welcome.

Frederick Mann

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