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>If I understand it correctly, the larger a black hole, the harder it is to
>observe. Since the radiation it emits is a direct function of the surface
>area of the event horizon but the frequency is inversely proportional
>to the square of the area, a large black hole would emit less total
>radiation than a small one. If so, then the ones observed and reported
>in today's paper are the smaller ones? Its been several years since I
>have read Hawkings books. Perhaps Amara Graps can help us?

(315) VII

Space being(don't forget to remember)Curved
(and that reminds me who said o yes Frost
Something there is which isn't fond of walls)

an electromagnetic(now I've lost
the)Einstein expanded Newton's law preserved
conTinuum(but we read that beFore)

of Course life being just a Reflex you
know since Everything is Relative or

to sum it All Up god being Dead(not to

mention inTerred)
                 LONG LIVE that Upwardlooking
Serene Illustrious and Beatific
Lord of Creation,MAN:
                     at a least crooking
of Whose compassionate digit,earth's most terrific

quadruped swoons into billiardBalls!

(ee cummings)


..hows that for a nonscientific answer ..?



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