Re: Civil disobedience and legal actions to promote liberty

From: Zeb Haradon (
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 08:44:10 MST

To anyone interested in really devoting lots of time to tactics and projects
discussed in this thread, I recommend a book "rules for radicals", by Saul
Alinsky. It's old, published in the 1970s I believe. I read it a long, long
time ago.. I was about 15 so it's not difficult reading. It's mainly an
instruction manual for effective ways to stir up trouble. He describes it
himself as the antithesis to Machievelli's (sp?) The Prince. Mr. Alinsky was
a labour organizer primarily, I believe. What stands out in my mind most is
the creative and fun ways he would stage various civil rights and labour
protests. The book is entertaining if nothing else. I remember, even then,
disagreeing with much of the author's ideology, but being stunned by his
skill and effectiveness.

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