Re: BBC Polemics: Help needed!

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 18:53:35 MST

At 03:48 PM 1/14/00 -0000, Nick wrote:

>I've been talking to the producer of the BBC television programme Heart of
>the Matter, and it now looks like they want to do a show on life-extension
>(maybe touching on cloning as well).

The BBC producer phoned today and we talked briefly, but I'll be speaking
with him at length over the weekend. The concept he wants to cover with me
is a good one -- re "virtues of research into superlongevity."


>If someone could write a few paragraphs about these things, that would be
>most helpful. Other people, who are not expert in this area, can also help
>by providing sound bites, quotes, interesting points or arguments, or any
>other resource that can help. It has to be done immediately. I need to have
>it by tomorrow noon, so I can post a draft for feedback tomorrow evening.
>A crucial consideration: we can't use anything dry. It has to make people
>"sit up & take notice", the producer said. So we want snappy, witty,
>fascinating stuff that takes us into the "WOW this is it!"-zone. If anyone
>can deliver something on such short notice, I'd appreciate it very much.

I think that it would be best for you to review some Web sites and cut and
paste ideas and quotes that enthuse you. You don't want too much
information memorized or you have to depend on because in an interview this
can be very distracting. Keep it simple and have a list of a *few* crucial
points that you want to me. You can use quotes, but don't get bogged down
by them because it will distract from your own flow.

You can use anything from my book (which you now have in your competent
hands) and think about why you want to live longer and why it is essential
that society pay attention to the research that is occurring around us
(have some facts about the *latest* research). Use some key names such as
Dr. Walford (CR), or Dr. White (head transplants) or new medicines such as
nanomedicine (Robert Frietas) and genetic engineering (the DNA sequencing
is happening very quickly now). Bring up latest designs in prosthetics
(new robotic limbs that athletes are using for participating in
competitions (I don't know her name, but a female athlete has prosthetic
legs and she is a superb runner). Bring up names such as Stephen Hawkins
whose brain is functional and creative regardless of his disease and how he
communicates through technology, and also other individuals that are
paralyzed but whose brains function very well (Christopher Reeves).

If the interviewer tries to steer you in a direction that you think is not
advantageous to the information you want to espouse, redirect the
questions. (I have this written in the Media Binder that you have).

Anyway, you will do beautifully Nick.


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