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> However the situation in Chechniya and the recent articles on micro-states
> do point out some very interesting problems we will be facing. Lets
> say for example the GM or cloning issues turns out to be unresolvable.
> Will the only solution be for the pro-technology people to move to
> a specific location and declare independence? If so, how does one
> accomplish this. The people in Chechniya seem to provide good
> examples of how not to do it, while the people of Quebec may have
> a process that shows how it might be done.

I don't think the time frames involved will allow us to look to successful
examples of the formation of new states in the past for specific over-all
blueprints, although some tactical lessons are certainly there to be learned
(as you say, perhaps more in what NOT to do than in positive lessons). The
best examples I can think of all involved the "rebel" state having some
fairly long history of slow cultural and political "drift" from a "mother
country" that offered some legitimacy to the independence movement. In the
scenario you posit (one of the most likely in which I see a sufficient
incentive to establish some sort of separate enclave for development of
transhumanist technology), we're looking at a time scale of decades at most.
In that period of time, you can't "put down roots" and establish a
sufficiently separate cultural and political identity to pull off the kind of
break that the American Colonies made, for instance, with Great Britain.

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