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Maurice Uzick <muzick@worldnet.att.net> writes:

> Anders, I'm impressed with your rendering "the Pointer" can you tell me
> what medium you used i.e. computer art using illustrator or photoshop or
> old world mediums as acrylics etc.

Computer art using Poser 4 (a posing program I used to create the
hand) and Bryce 4 for rendering it.

> also what is the object in the core that the fingers are wrapped
> around?

Actually, there is no object there in the scene, but the shadows may
of course obscure something...

> I believe the "Pointer" would make an
> excellent poster. A number of years ago a university student came to me
> with an idea for a poster, it was a picture of the galaxy and a pointer
> with the words "you are here". We (my firm) published his copywrited idea
> in several commercial vehicles e.g. posters, post cards, T-shirts, book
> covers, framed wall hangings. I believe "The Pointer" with it's subtle
> meanings outclasses the "you are here" idea. The "you are here" paid for
> his college education and gave him a very nice income for many years, he
> relocated to the West coast and I lost track of him but I believe he is
> still receiving royalties

Lovely story! Yes, maybe I should make a rendering for a poster, the
style is after all rather similar to many other posters (which was my
own self-criticism when I made it). I'm just not certain how to go
about publishing a picture like you describe, any ideas or pointers? :-)

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