Re: MUSIC ( not vs) Techno and Prog ?

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 17:40:31 MST

> > that's just a plain old piano he's playing. How mediocre >>
> >
> > That plain old piano has a series of undertones that would blow you away
> >if you understood their delicate nature...

Emlyn or one of you other digital music guys, please: is there a software
product that can do something like what a sound on sound recorder does?
I have an alto sax and a tenor sax and I want to transpose the baritone
and soprano parts and play quartets. I have a high zoot sound card and
speakers on a PII/400 and I know it can do an adequate job of recording,
digitizing and playback, but I dont know how to use it for sound on sound.
Ive heard there is a 500 dollar package, but is there a cheaper one if I dont
need all the frills?

Thanks! spike

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