$$ Bovard Book-Title Contest

From: Matthew Gaylor (freematt@coil.com)
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 14:43:10 MST

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 21:46:06 -0500
To: freematt@coil.com
From: Jim Bovard <jbovard@his.com>

I am offering $100 to the person who can suggest the best title for a
forthcoming book of mine.

St. Martin's Press will be publishing this summer a history of the Clinton
administration's biggest boondoggles and worst abuses. The book will cover
AmeriCorps, FEMA, Enviro-mania, trade, agriculture, gun control, Waco,
HUD, EEOC/race-baiting, IRS, drug war, Disabilites Dementia, Kosovo, the
Reno/Freeh cover-up tagteam, health care policy follies, Clinton's
long-term impact on American liberty, etc.

Here is the title the publisher suggested:

The Explosion & Abuse of Government Power During the Clinton-Gore Years
* * * * *
The subhead nicely captures what the book is about.

But it may be possible to get a stronger, punchier, fresher main title.

I am looking something short & hard-hitting - along the lines of my earlier
book titles - Farm Fiasco, Fair Trade Fraud, Lost Rights, & Freedom in Chains.

$100 will be paid to the winning suggestion upon acceptance of the
book name by a publisher.

Thanks for the help!

Jim Bovard

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