RE: MUSIC ( not vs) Techno and Prog ?

Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 09:33:57 MST

My personal taste bends more toward the Moog sound. My favourite band is
Stereolab, which I recently had the pleasure of seeing play live. Their
mish-mosh of french and english lyrics singing socialist refrains leaves a
smile on my face.

Tortoise, on the other hand uses such "hackneyed" sets of instruments in a
most unique way - and as I pointed out earlier this year, have extropian
undertones - as found in their cd "Millions Now Living Will Never Die..."

As I've recently signed up for cable television service for the very first
time, and seeing the things on MTV and VH1 - I can more appreciate the
minimalistic and overall laconic lyrics of my long-term favorites.

As found at here are some of their
lyrics for you to enjoy:

from anonymous collective:
"you and me are moulded by things well beyond our acknowledgement"

from come and play in the milky night:
"led astray / before the fragile defense of words / come and play / bring
the stars / play in the milky night"

from extension trip (english translation):
"biological constitution / at the time rigid and plastic / of which the
flexibility loses its place to the critical faculties / of which the
flexibility loses its place to a nice large perspective"

from the free design:
"where it had been left / hunderds of years ago / extract from the depth /
is but a setting sun / paradise is scarce / in this light that won't shine /
what is our earthly task / but a worthy design?"

from infinity girl:
"new realities are conditions much to little for us to suffer / because we
don't know any better / there are a hundred ways to fall in step... because
for the past two hundred years the wine drunk and the freedom proclaimed...
o are dubious and laughable / waiting to yield a new use of life / scatter,
scatter brained by the sins, sins of silence / a knife to cut the root, the
root of ignorance"

Of course, to fully enjoy, you'll need to hear the angelic voice singing


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Emlyn wrote:

>I agree, and it goes for traditional instruments too. How many times have I
>heard Ben Fold's Five playing, for instance, and thought to myself "jeez,
>that's just a plain old piano he's playing. How mediocre".

        I extremely beg to differ. For the past few years I have split my
compositions between multi-track pieces and solo piano pieces; the textures
and timbres of a 'plain old piano' are as yet unrivalled by anything
In fact, with all due respect to the latest in music technology, some of
the most unique keyboard instruments such as Mellotrons, Moogs, Hammond
Organs and many other 'older' instruments are analog, and extremely hard
(if not, perhaps, impossible) to emulate fully on a digital synth.

        Ultimately, there is room for both analog and is simply
matter of taste.

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