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Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 02:49:01 MST

Robert Bradbury wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Jeff Davis wrote:
> ... Commenting on the Fermi Paradox ...
> I'd agree with most of what you said. You have to factor in that the
> astronomy capabilities of advanced civilizations do let you very
> rapidly determine go (meaning really "dead") or no-go (posessing
> potential for or having life) status for observable objects.
> capacities probably let you project this into the future (at least
> the delivery time for any probes). So you likely know ahead of time
> whether you would be sending a "development" probe, or an "observation
> & potential contact" probe. This process extends out to the limits
> of dust limiting your observations and/or computational projections
> relative to probe delivery times. The constraint is the uncertainty
> thrown in by pre-tech civilizations going that are *nearer* to the
> destination going through the Spike before your probes can arrive.
> That probably limits your predictability and therefore your colonization
> horizon.

Is it feasible for the probes to be development & observation/contact,
designed to detect go/no-go status as they are closer to arriving? Then you
needn't worry so much about the problem at the end of paragraph above.

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