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Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 23:05:27 MST wrote:

> <<One of the things I try to do when I write
> techno/drum'n'bass is to look for such alternative ways to structure the
> composition.
> >>
> Yes, I would be delighted to hear this, it sounds like you know a lot of
> things and have a lot of trix up yoru sleeve...

I have a few tracks up at, just a taste of
the breakbeat CD I'm working on. I'm trying to integrate fragments of live
improvisation into a digital cut-and-paste context.

> It's odd, but I don't think of DJ'ing as being particularly an original art
> form, usually it's a lot of snatching things from here and there and
> combining them in new ways...
> ... it's gotten me curious to hear you defend "new" sounds...

It seems to me that the importance of DJing as an art form is a consequence of
the general acceleration of life and the accompanying massive increase in
CHOICE...there's so much music out there now, how can we make sense of it all?
A good DJ makes an artistic statement by his/her selections, asserting that what
he/she is playing is good new music -- the biggest challenge is to keep finding
new music that is good and also that fits together coherently, not to mention
sequencing the records in a good order such that there is some kind of narrative
flow to the course of a whole evening of music.

(NOTE: I'm a pro bassist who started DJing [spinning mp3s on a Mac PowerBook]
relatively recently because it seems more creative to me than playing live.)

I used to be a member of this list too, BTW, but that was quite awhile ago, in
1994 to be exact, wonder how many people are still on here from that time?


John von Seggern
digital DJ -- producer -- bassist
Digital Cutup Lounge
Hong Kong

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