Re: Design-ahead (was: Re: the economics of transition to nanotech)

From: Ken Clements (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 00:19:32 MST

Damien Broderick wrote:

> Well, of course, Drexler and Merkle and others at Foresight have been doing
> this, bit by bit, for years. The odd thing is the way their efforts still
> appear to be despised by those in the `regular' or canonical-science/tech
> authorised nano community.

In a few years you will see this move to the next well known state of, "Well
yes, we knew this all along." What I have experienced in the last 8 years of
watching (and helping) the development of Foresight is that sooner or later
each researcher that spends enough thought to look outside of his or her field
to get the necessary breadth to understand the big picture, gets hooked. I
have never seen one go back.

I remember very well the day I went to my mailbox and received the Scientific
American issue that had the cheap shot article by Gary Styx, in which he
portrayed Eric as a flake. I can tell you I was deeply hurt. If Eric were a
flake, this would have sunk him. But instead it caused all of us who felt hurt
to stand and fight with Ralph, who put together the counter attack on the Web,
and turned it around. Now Eric's work is sited in an increasing number of
'regular' scientific publications every year. You should go ahead and do so.


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