Re: MUSIC Techno and Prog ?

Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 20:08:25 MST

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<< why should Western-style harmonies and melodies be
 considered the fundamentals?

There's no "should" about any of my Musings.. you'll come to know that as you
get to know me... you raise a good point. I merely invited you to join me in
a bit of play...
My sandbox has it's own toys... I think in Western terms because i was ear
trained that way. It's a bit disquieting to me to listen to some eastern
music, and arabic, other twelve tone systems and quarter notes, but only to
an extent. I prefer African and Brazilian most of all..
I am biased by the culture i come from - that's truth...

<< The fundamental definition of music are that it is
 sound organized through time -- perhaps there are other, more interesting
 to structure compositions without using harmonies and melodies associated
 earlier periods of music.

There may be, but as I said in a post about art, orignal and unknown sounds
are cacophony at first, until we associate them in some way...

 <<One of the things I try to do when I write
 techno/drum'n'bass is to look for such alternative ways to structure the

Yes, I would be delighted to hear this, it sounds like you know a lot of
things and have a lot of trix up yoru sleeve...
It's odd, but I don't think of DJ'ing as being particularly an original art
form, usually it's a lot of snatching things from here and there and
combining them in new ways...
... it's gotten me curious to hear you defend "new" sounds...

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