Re: undeserving others (was) ESSAY: Steven Weinberg on Today's Utopias

Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 16:17:04 MST

JR writes: << untalented people deserve less of
 the world's good things than other people. >>
Eliezer writes:<< status, or my intelligence, or my ability to make a
 difference. It fell into my lap like manna from heaven. I don't
 "deserve" what I have any more than some guy slaving away as a janitor.
 Nonetheless, considering how much time I've spent working on
 intelligence enhancement, that I may share the bounty which the random
 factors have bestowed upon me, I don't think that there's anyone in the
 world who would tell me to do things differently.
 The strong exist to serve the weak, and to the abyss with Ayn Rand.- -- >>

Max writes:

<< >I say: No one exists to serve anyone. At the same time, everyone is free
>choose to serve themselves and others or both at the same time (the latter
>usually works best, at least in a market economy).
> >>

And I say: If I say I exist to serve others, and it brings me happiness, and
is not hurtful to myself, that is my choice. If it makes me forget about my
self-absorbed, self obsessed selfish self, even for a minute, it's bliss...
self interest bores the crap out of me. I dislike grabby people. I am
happiest when I am of service, because it causes inner growth, interactions
with random things, I enter new worlds... and learn a lot!!! And gives me a
lot of pride in my accomplishments - to see others change is a great
validation of my systems of learning.

 I am talented, and grew up privileged, and I don''t deserve it nearly as
much as some of the little ones I help, they just didn't get the luck of the

I dislike Ayn Rand because she consistantly proclaims "don't ever let people
tell you what do"...which is telling me what to do....
I agree with e... Deserving has nada to do with it. It is a made up reason to
justify mean thoughts.

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