Re: Drugs - what makes them do it?

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Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 16:05:48 MST


     Marijuana was originally made illegal as part of a definite economic
conspiracy. Racial fears were used, as well as christian anti-hedonic
sentiment, to effect this.

     Now, the "beauty" of the "War on Drugs" in the eyes of "The Man" is the
increase in police powers. That is, ultimately, the essence of the "ruling
class". The "War on Drugs" has tremendously increased the government's
ability to not only CONTROL, but also to LOOT (asset seizure).

     Some drugs can be considered to be a threat to the powers-that-be
because they are considered "gnostic" or "evolutionary" and can be used for
metaprogramming the biocomputer, as John Lilly called it. THESE drugs
(marijuana, LSD, etc.) ARE sort of hard to find. "Trash" drugs such as
crack, heroin, speed and so on are plentiful and easy to find. Notice also
the way that prozac and such are "pushed", including the drugging of
children with Ritalin.


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