Re: ESSAY: Steven Weinberg on Today's Utopias

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 14:58:06 MST

>I say: No one exists to serve anyone. At the same time, everyone is free to
>choose to serve themselves and others or both at the same time (the latter
>usually works best, at least in a market economy).

Very well articulated, I'd say.
Those with a particular talent for serving themselves will, it seems to me,
create more good things for themselves than those who lack such talent. IOW,
those who best serve themselves deserve the best they can give themselves.
Perhaps I lack sufficient talent to discover a more accurate analysis of this
question, but at least I can understand "why untalented people deserve less of
the world's good things than other people." It's because untalented people lack
sufficient capability (talent) to create good things for themselves and others.
In addition, untalented people fail to engender the gratitude and appreciation
of other people who would pay them for their talent (if they had any).
Repeating what I've already written: The fact that Weinberg has "never
understood" this, indicates a serious hole in his perception of reality.


J. R. Molloy

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