Re: Drugs - what makes them do it?

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 14:37:16 MST

Zeb Haradon
>Maybe you're being sarcastic and I can't quite tell.. if not, can you
>elaborate on that a little bit? How is the drug use of someone a threat to
>someone else, in particular "the ruling class" (and can you outline who they
>If anyone, including members of the ruling class, face a legitimate threat
>by someone else's drug use (which they don't), then the drug war *would* be

The WOD is not justified, and neither is the ruling class.

It is not drug use itself which threatens the ruling class, but rather the
effects of drug use. And it is not _all_ drug use that threatens the ruling
class. Indeed, members of the ruling class may themselves take drugs. Just put
yourself in the place of the rulers to see how this works. Suppose you
administer a city, county, state or some other segment of the social order. You
will have to work hard to get such a position.

What makes you want to get to such a position? (Of course, I'm not saying that
you do want to, but try to understand the mind set of someone who does.)
Aspiring to a position of authority is the opposite of aspiring to the cognitive
anarchy of experimenting with drugs. What makes a person want to rule is
diametrically opposite to what makes a person want to take the kind of drugs
we're talking about here. Consequently, the mind set of hippies is in direct
opposition to the mind set of the ruling class.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you follow this so far.


J. R. Molloy

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