Re: MUSIC ( not vs) Techno and Prog ?

Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 07:34:11 MST

First of all, I am not advocating Prgressive rock. I am not saying it is
advanced, either. I just find it "Interesting" that people don't think of it
as advanced, while advocating techno as advanced(which to me sounds
primitive). writes:

 Advanced is in the ear of the behearer. I'm a professional musician with an
 education in music theory, etc., >>

I also have extensive education in both electronics and composition, as well
as being an accomplished player. I first started playing around with Synths
when they used to have oscillators on their bellies... we'd make sawtooth
waves and go "''woah"...bzzz!
    Taking music and art into new realms (for me) require a commitment to
exactly the opposite, not losing "interest" in the fundamentals. This is
exactly what I find boring with the many MANY house, dub, techno, ambient,
and electronica CDs that I REALLY want to like... they've abandoned all else
in a quest for "waoh"...bzzzz
So -- when you have *found* all the sounds - let me know and maybe we can
arrange them into a pleasant mixture that includes harmonies, structures and
we'll explore some new architecture..
: ) ....

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